Sintering of single tooth restorations in only 20 minutes with Zolid Gen-X and the high-speed Ceramill Therm DRS sintering furnace

Optimize your lab workflow with Zolid Gen-X, the universal zirconia with integrated color gradient and > 1,000 MPa flexural strength, together with the Ceramill Therm DRS high-speed sintering furnace. The efficient combination of furnace and material enables the fabrication of an esthetic single-tooth crown in just 20 minutes or a 3-unit bridge in around 30 minutes—the "Same Day Crown" in lab quality for your customers!

The material has been thoroughly scrutinized by our R&D department and only released for high-speed sintering after fully excluding any negative impact on the material properties. Only the shades may show minimal deviations—they can appear slightly brighter. The darker the original shade of the blank, the more pronounced the effect.

The optimized manufacturing process allows straightforward restorations, such as monolithic crowns, to be fabricated extremely efficiently and save time. Skillful marketing, such as an express flat rate, means that these orders can be profitably positioned in the lab portfolio.

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