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Disclosure according to § 24 MedienG (Media Act) and information duties according to § 5 E-Commerce Act (ECG) and § 14 UGB (Austrian Corporation Code)

Media owner/publisher:
Amann Girrbach AG
Herrschaftswiesen 1
6842 Koblach | Austria
Tel: +43552362333200
Fax: +435523623335200

Management Board
Jürgen Kiesel (CEO)

Company Register: District Court Feldkirch
Company Register Number: 232930w
Company ID number: ATU56880888

Object of the company: Production and trade of dental equipment
Chamber affiliation/membership: Member of the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce
Applicable legal provisions: the provisions of the Trade Regulation Act (GewO), as well as of the E-Commerce Act (ECG), both of which can be found at

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