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Connect to the (Work-)Flow!
Connect to the (Work-)Flow!

Ceramill Highlights

The Ceramill dental workflow system is open, digital and fully integrated. With the workflow as the center of the prosthetic process, you achieve functionally appropriate restorations of the highest quality and esthetics. Discover our highlights now!

Perry Carroll, CDT

"With the Ceramill CAD/CAM equipment I am able to process a large amount of different materials, fast and with esthetically outstanding quality."

Perry Carroll, CDTPerry’s Dental Lab, USA
Benjamin Votteler, MDT

"The time saved with the Ceramill Matik is enormous. Before, I would never have thought how much time you lose with the loading of the machine."

Benjamin Votteler, MDTDentaltechnik Votteler, Germany
Miles Reed Cone, DMD

"The Artex is a beautiful piece of engineering that is as stunning to look at as it is hard-working. It possesses robust precision control for complex cases AND is also ergonomic and humble enough for conventional dentures."

Miles Reed Cone, DMDNuance Dental Specialists USA

Zolid Zirconia

With the Zolid line, Amann Girrbach offers the right material for every zirconia-based indication, enabling restorations of long-term stability and natural esthetics to be fabricated economically and efficiently.

Alexander Wuensche, CDT

"With Zolid Gen-X I am able to create highly esthetic work with full control over function and esthetics. Zolid Gen-X combines everything we need in our daily laboratory routine."

Alexander Wuensche, CDTZahntechnique, USA
Atsushi Hasegawa, CDT

"With its coordinated A-D shades, Ceramill A-Temp offers the best basis for fabricating natural dentures. Its very good material properties allow temporary restorations to be fabricated without any problems."

Atsushi Hasegawa, CDTOrgan Dental Lab, Japan

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