Giroform Pin Drill - Precise drilling at the touch of a button

The Giroform pin drill lets you find the desired drilling positions reliably and accurately and fabricate precision models with ease.

SKU 176701


Simply start the drilling process with the Giroform at the touch of a button. The plate holder can be locked in place magnetically so that the drilling position is firmly secured. Free positioning of the plate carrier guarantees speedy work in the dental workflow. Identical, smooth-faced and uniform holes are placed in the Giroform base plate to secure pin friction.

Reliable automatic system
The plate carrier is automatically fixed magnetically when the drilling process is triggered. Furthermore, an automatic drill feed guarantees identical drill holes in the plates.
Universal plate holder
For Giroform base plates in all sizes and shapes with anti-rotation protection.
Easy change of drills
Due to practical guide grooves.

Highest precision for fast model production

With Giroform, time-consuming grinding becomes a thing of the past! The reason: working with the pin drill reliably overcomes expansion of the plaster.
Pin Drill

Technical data

Laser Class: 3A < 5mW
Motor speed: 2,800 min-1
Dimensions: 250 x 183 x 370 mm
Weight 9.6 kg
Electrical connections: 230 (100/115) V/0.32 W

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