Smartbox X2 Front

Smartbox X2 - Efficient dosing of plaster

There is no better way to sprinkle plaster. The plaster dosing unit for dental laboratories makes it easy to achieve dosing results accurate down to the gram.

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The Smartbox X2 weighs plaster and water accurately to the gram and guarantees consistent precise results when dosing. With its patented dosing technology, the plaster is sprinkled very finely into the mixing bowl, which significantly improves the homogeneity of the mixed material.

Simple operation
A multi-functional rotary and push button for easy and quick program selection and programming. This allows for flexible one-hand operation.
Clean and economical operation
In addition to time and material savings of up to 25% compared to manual technology, the unit also offers clean, dust-free working.

Technical data

Dosing time 20ml: 100g approx. 30s
Output: 95 W
Powder hopper: approx. 8 kg
Dimensions: 335 x 240 x 590 mm
Weight 16.5 kg
Electrical connections: 110/115/230 V, 50/60 Hz

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