SmartWax Duo Front

Smartwax Duo - Fexible modeling

The machine is suitable for all modeling and wax-up work and, in combination with the Waxjet, proves to be an evolutionary advance in waxing up.

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The Smartwax Duo is a powerful modeling station with two handpieces. Three temperatures in the range between 50 - 220°C can be programmed individually for each handpiece and easily changed. This allows gentle and stress-free processing of the various types of wax. The outstanding thermal conductivity of the instrument alloy used (over 20 times better conductivity than stainless steel) also plays an important role here.

Flexible and simple operation
The two different blades are ready for parallel operation. In addition, an easy and quick instrument change during operation is possible.
Fast and safe
The instruments are quickly heated up and ready for use. The cable has an anti-twist protection.

Technical data

Cable length of handpiece: approx. 1.8 m
Cable length of handpiece: approx. 1.8 m
Output voltage: 6V
Control range: 50 - 220°C/ 122 - 428°F - switchable
Dimensions: 130 x 150 x 50 mm
Electrical connections: 110-230 V, 50/60 Hz

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Smartwax Duo - Handpiece with cord
Smartwax Duo - Handpiece with cord
Waxjet Incl. Handle for Smartwax Duo
Waxjet Incl. Handle for Smartwax Duo