Ceramill Map 600+ - Precise and intelligent scanning

The fully automatic high-performance scanner is intelligent, efficient, precise and its features will take your dental laboratory to the next digital level.

SKU 179560N


The high-performance Ceramill Map 600+ CAD/CAM scanner is among the best in its class and a true digital high-flyer in the dental laboratory. The high-quality and sustainable camera system meets high demands and delivers first-class accuracy and reproducibility. Add to this outstanding performance, a convenient open housing combined with the smooth Amann Girrbach workflow, plus all the features and accessories you need. It reliably supports both simple and complex scanning situations, so there is nothing to prevent flawless digital transformation and a precise, final restoration.

At the core - the industrial camera
An ultra HD industrial camera with 3D sensor and Blue Light technology creates outstanding depth of field and ensures a scanning accuracy of 4 μm. Whether single crowns, bridge constructions or full dentures, the powerful camera system digitizes each of your workpieces true to the original.
Open housing
The open housing concept can meet all your requirements. It provides perfect access to the functional area, optimal shading of stray light and allows easy cleaning due to the one-piece interior.
Performance – fast and precise
The new 3-axis drive technology with an automatic Z-axis ensures ultra-precise and fast travel movement. As a result, an overview scan is possible in 4 seconds and a full jaw scan with impeccable results in 18 seconds. The object to be scanned is moved automatically via the intelligent scan height control of the Ceramill Map 600+. This leads to increased process safety and optimum model alignment in the scanning field.
Up-to-date for guaranteed safety
The scanner is continuously and automatically upgraded with software updates and new features. This expands the scanner's range of functions and keeps you up to date with the latest technology. This not only continuously optimizes performance, but also ensures the highest possible process safety.

Multi-functional and efficient

The Ceramill Map 600+ offers the right scanning strategy for every indication. Benefit from the guided process steps, the countless functions and the manageable number of universal images.

Innovative, simple, convenient

Due to a wide variety of multifunctional operating images, the Ceramill Map600+ will not let you down, even with more complex work. Due to the proven integration of the Splitex technology, all the accessories of the Map portfolio can quite simply be used in the scanner. In addition, the universal carrier plate supports all common types of articulators without the need for any time-consuming plate changes. On the other hand, you will be able to experience scanning in a novel fashion with the autoarticulation function, which completely reduces the physical activities of the vestibular scan and ensures reliable results. Furthermore, you have the choice between numerous, additional functions: impression scan, texture and color scan, Intelligent Multi Die, Universal scan, All-in scan, Articulator scan and many more.

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