Ceramill Argotherm 2 - Transforms Ceramill Sintron

In combination with the Ceramill Sintron dry-millable sintering metal, the inert gas sintering furnace revolutionized the fabrication of indications from CoCr sintering metal in the dental laboratory.

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The Ceramill Argotherm 2 is part of the sophisticated and perfectly coordinated overall Ceramill Sintron system. It enables the material, which is soft in its green state, to achieve the desired final hardness and, in 2014, made it possible for the first time to process sintered metal dry on small desktop milling machines in the laboratory. When it comes to the mechanical properties and (micro)structure of fabricated restorations, the focus is on consistently high material quality and the ability to sinter several restorations simultaneously.

Materials suitable for sintering
Ceramill Sintron
Capacity of sintering compartment
Up to 40 units
crowns and wide-span 14 unit bridges
Fastest sintering time
5 hours

Minimal gas consumption in the inert gas sintering furnace

Due to its integrated compressed air and inert gas monitoring, the Ceramill Argotherm 2 sintering furnace offers maximum process reliability at minimum inert gas consumption.
Argotherm 2

Efficient, high-performance, user-friendly

The Ceramill Argovent 2 removable sintering compartment is at the core of the sintering furnace and ensures minimal consumption of argon gas as well as homogeneous, distortion-free sintering of the restorations. Up to 40 units can be sintered per sintering cycle. The touchscreen technology allows for easy operation of the furnace and also displays the entire sintering process as well as the remaining time. Being a table-top model, the compact furnace requires little space and cools down actively after sintering.

High capacityFor more output in the laboratory.
Simple operationFor greater convenience & sintering at the push of a button.
Special sintering furnaceFor processing Ceramill Sintron

Technical data

Dimensions: 500 x 461 x 480 mm
Weight: 32 kg
Capacity of sintering compartment: up to 40 units
Integrated monitoring of compressed air and inert gas
Indications: crowns and wide-span 14 unit bridges
Display with touchscreen technology
Materials for sintering: Ceramill Sintron
Fastest sintering time: 5 hours

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