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Ceramill Therm 3 - High-performance furnace for maximum capacity

The sintering furnace offers ample space for process-safe sintering of countless zirconia restorations in a single sintering cycle, which greatly increases efficiency in the dental laboratory.

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The Ceramill Therm 3 high-temperature furnace offers you an enormous amount of space for achieving final hardness and the resulting outstanding material properties of zirconia work. Placing the restorations on sintering pearls ensures a low-friction sintering process and thus distortion-free frames. Three preprogrammed sintering programs are optimally coordinated for different restoration sizes and thus offer reliable sintering. In addition, up to 247 sintering programs can be stored individually.

Materials suitable for sintering
Capacity of sintering compartment
Up to 120 units
Crowns and wide-span 14 unit bridges
Fastest sintering time
6 hours
Pre-drying and sintering

Ideal temperature for zirconia frameworks

The Ceramill Therm 3 offers a high level of process safety through its constant temperature control and homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the firing chamber.
Therm 3

Fully automatic, compact, uncomplicated

The high-temperature furnace always gives the user the control and certainty as to whether the frames have reached their final density in the sintering process and thus their strength. Optimally coordinated and fully automated sintering programs create processing flexibility for different restoration sizes. For maximum furnace utilization, up to 3 sintering bowls can be stacked on top of each other. Operation of the Ceramill Therm 3 zirconia sintering furnace is extremely simple with the integrated touchscreen technology. A clear display provides information on the entire sintering process as well as the remaining time.

Technical data

Dimensions: 500 x 461 x 480 mm
Materials for sintering: zirconia
Fastest sintering time: 6 hours
USB interface for program updates
Weight: 30 kg
250 sintering program positions
Capacity of sintering compartment: up to 120 units
Function: pre-drying and sintering
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