Ceramill Mind Screen 2023 Ceramill M-Gin

Ceramill M-Gin - The digital and easy route to the screw-retained bridge

Safe, fast, and fully digital to the screw-retained bridge with gingiva component. The software module also gives you the choice between monolithic and hybrid implemented bridges.

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With Ceramill M-Gin, you can design implant-supported bridges with gingiva components fully digitally, without the need for manual rework. The combination of specially coordinated design parameters and a variety of validated materials make this workflow unique. With the Ceramill Mindforms digital tooth library, which includes a Cutback as well as an optimized Thimble Library, all conceivable design variations can be reliably produced in first-class quality, regardless of whether they are monolithically, anatomically or vestibularly reduced.

REAX Full Contour Bridges
An all-zirconia frame - made of the high-strength yet highly esthetic Zolid HT+ or Zolid Gen-X zirconias. The automatic cutback option and 5-axis ultra high definition milling machines provide for an unmatched esthetic appeal.
REAX Hybrid Bridges
Create the bridge in a single step from different materials and multiple design options. Multi-unit screw-retained bridges and bar constructions
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Ceramill Mind
Ceramill Mind
The Ceramill Mind CAD software impress …

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