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Ceramill M-Part - Partial dentures fabricated digitally

Digital partial denture frameworks - this is possible with the Ceramill M-Part CAD software module. Specifically developed for the milling and printing process in the dental laboratory.

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Ceramill M-Part enables the fabrication of partial dentures in the milling or 3D printing process in the dental laboratory. Blocking of undercuts is performed automatically and at the push of a button. The connectors and clasp arms are created according to individual parameters, thus offering greater process safety in the laboratory. Retention grids are automatically blocked with a defined value and are therefore optimally prepared for later completion in resin.

Fabrication - highly efficient and highly economical
Partial dentures dentures fabricated digitally save an enormous amount of time and offer easiest reproducibility due to the digital data set. Matched workflows guarantee additional efficiency and process reliability.
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