Ceramill Mind Screen 2023 Ceramill M-Pass

Ceramill M-Pass - Loss-free patient data import

Complex temporomandibular joint movements can be transferred 1:1 to digital with the CAD software module.

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Using the Ceramill M-Pass CAD software upgrade module, the data from the digital facebows Zebris for Ceramill and Prosystom are imported into the Ceramill system and processed without any losses. The data import enables automatic programming of the Ceramill Artex virtual articulator, with which the patient-specific, individual jaw movements can be simulated.

Integrated and end-to-end workflow with Zebris
When using the Zebris for Ceramill digital facebow, you as the user benefit from its full integration into the workflow. By importing the Zebris data, the models are automatically placed in the correct position in the virtual articulator.
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Ceramill Mind
Ceramill Mind
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