Ceramill Mind Screen 2023 Ceramill M-Plant

Ceramill M-Plant - Easy fabrication of abutments and screw-retained bridges

The CAD software module enables the efficient design of titanium and hybrid abutments as well as customized screw-retained bridges.

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Use Ceramill M-Plant to design customized abutments and screw-retained bridges on tapered titanium bases made of zirconia, CoCr sintered metal, PMMA (stained), wax, titanium, and CoCr (milled). Numerous libraries of all common implant systems are available and are continuously being added to. The module's intuitive user interface together with additional functions for customized design enable efficiently fabricated and esthetically pleasing final results.

Efficient workflow
The necessary parts of the implant prosthetics are designed in one step in the software: abutment, anatomical frame, if necessary, wax frame for overpress technique
Everything from a single source
Both the software as well as the titanium bases are from a single source and perfectly matched to each other to provide high process safety
Perfectly complemented in the workflow with...
Ceramill Mind
Ceramill Mind
The Ceramill Mind CAD software impress …

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