Ceramill Mind Screen 2023 M-Smile

Ceramill M-Smile - Easy, esthetic planning

CAD software already allows visualization of the final patient restoration during the design process. For highest, customized esthetics right from the start.

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The software upgrade Ceramill M-Smile in combination with the Ceramill Mind design software allow the esthetic planning, 3D design and production to be modeled in a continuous digital workflow. By starting the digital design process with the esthetic planning with Ceramill M-Smile, the range of indications goes far beyond a mock-up. This allows using Smile Design as starting point for any type of digital dental indication.

Patient satisfaction right from the start
Esthetic planning based on photos and incorporating facial proportions also allows patients to view the final restoration directly. This creates transparency and satisfaction for the patient - right from the start.
Intuitive and user-friendly
Patient data are automatically transferred to the 3D design. In addition, the automated, guided Ceramill workflow offers maximum convenience.
Perfectly complemented in the workflow with...
Ceramill Mind
Ceramill Mind
The Ceramill Mind CAD software impress …

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