Ceramill Mind Screen 2023 Ceramill M-Splint

Ceramill M-Splint - Functional, perfectly fitting splints

The CAD software enables the fabrication of proper functional and customized fitting splints.

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The Ceramill M-Splint CAD software module enables you to fabricate therapeutic, customized splints. Trouble-free function is ensured by using the Ceramill Artex virtual articulator.

Fabrication – time-saving and reliable
The elaborate manual manufacturing process is no longer required. Reproducible results and controllable and individually adjustable design parameters save you considerable time as well as increasing process reliability. Tin-colored anatomical occlusal splints can be fabricated for complex prosthetic rehabilitations.
The suitable material – matched and of high quality
Industrially prefabricated material, e.g. Ceramill A-Splint, offers a high surface quality and reduces discoloration and plaque deposits to a minimum.
Perfectly complemented in the workflow with...
Ceramill Mind
Ceramill Mind
The Ceramill Mind CAD software impress …

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