Ceramill Mind Screen 2023 Ceramill D-Flow

Ceramill Microshell - Fabricating esthetic temporary shells

The CAD software module for the esthetic, high-quality fabrication of eggshell temporaries for immediate restoration.

SKU 179148


A virtual preparation line is defined para-gingivally on the still unprepared teeth on the scanned situation model. The subsequently constructed temporary restoration is created as a shell with a uniform layer thickness and the outer shape of the still unprepared teeth of the patient situation or the library teeth. Immediately after preparation, the final temporary restoration can be completed quickly with the aid of the temporary shell.

Fabrication – time-saving and reliable
The design requires minimal time and allows immediate restoration of the preparation.
Perfectly complemented in the workflow with...
Ceramill Mind
Ceramill Mind
The Ceramill Mind CAD software impress …

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