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Ceramill Mind - Intelligent, digital design

The Ceramill Mind CAD software impresses with its intuitive UI for the fabrication of a wide range of indications and is seamlessly integrated into the Amann Girrbach workflow.

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Simple operability, process reliability and precision are the outstanding features when working with Ceramill Mind. The user guidance of the CAD program is based on the standard laboratory workflow and significantly simplifies the process of digital denture fabrication. The Ceramill Mind forms the basis for the design of numerous indications. In addition, special patient restorations can be implemented via upgrade modules - such as the Ceramill M-Gin for implant bridges with a gingiva component or Ceramill-Splint for the fabrication of splints.

User guidance - intuitive and according to dental technology logic
A workflow based on dental technology logic enables considerable time savings in the daily work routine.
Future-proof working
Continuous enhancements of CAD software upgrade modules for the design software guarantee future-proofing in the laboratory and in practice.
High flexibility
Ceramill Mind sends and reads STL data, creating the highest possible flexibility in workflows.
Perfectly complemented in the workflow with...
Ceramill Mind + Match 2
Ceramill Mind + Match 2

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