Ceramill Mind Screen 2023 Ceramill TruSmile

Ceramill Trusmile - A look into the future

With this CAD software module, the design elements and restorations can be realistically represented during the design process and show the finished dental prostheses.

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The Ceramill Trusmile visualizes restorations with a natural shade gradient and displays them in the CAD/ CAM software similar to the finished dental prostheses. Scans or design elements such as telescopes or bars can also be reproduced specifically for materials using Ceramill Trusmile. An overall impression of the final result is thus already conveyed during creation and provides better esthetic orientation during the design process.

Easy nesting
In addition, the CAD software module simplifies the nesting and placement of constructions in the multilayer blank, as both the blank and the patient restoration are displayed realistically.
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