CAD - according to the principles of dental technology.

mill® mind

The intelligent design software - the "soul" and heart of digital framework fabrication. Developed according to dental technology logic.

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mill® artex

The virtual articulator - the functional interface between manual and digital prosthetic dentistry.

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mill® m-plant

Fabricate customised abutments and screw-retained bridges digitally using the Ceramill system.

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mill® mindforms

Ceramill library teeth by Knut Miller.

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mill® trusmile

The module for natural reproduction of the tooth shade gradient already during the design.

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mill® m-bars

Design customised Ceramill Sintron (CoCr) or wax bars.

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mill® m-splint

Fabricate functional and accurately fitting therapeutic splints.

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mill® microshell

Module for the creation of temporary eggshell restorations.

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mill® dicom viewer

Communication and visualisation module based on DICOM data.

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mill® d-flow

Module for designing full dentures.

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mill® m-build

Module for digital model fabrication based on intraoral scan data.

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mill® m-gin

Module for fabricating implant bridges with gingiva section.

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