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Jürgen Kiesel is the new CEO of Amann Girrbach

There is a change in the Management of Amann Girrbach: Jürgen Kiesel will take over the position of CEO as of August 14. He succeeds Wolfgang Reim as incumbent CEO. Wolfgang Reim will continue to serve the company as a member of the Supervisory Board.


Jürgen Kiesel succeeds Wolfgang Reim as CEO of Amann Girrbach as of August 14. The 50-year-old Kiesel, who most recently served as CEO of a well-known international medical technology company, brings 17 years of dental experience to his new role.

“I am really looking forward to my new responsibility at Amann Girrbach. In addition to focusing on product innovation, in which my predecessor Wolfgang Reim played a leading role, my main focus will be on further expanding our market presence. In recent years, Amann Girrbach has succeeded like no other dental company in advancing the digital workflow and as a consequence the interdisciplinary collaboration between the dental laboratory, practice laboratory and dental practice. I am absolutely convinced that Amann Girrbach’s products and solutions are of the highest relevance for dentists and dental technicians and will play an increasingly important role in the international dental market. Therefore, growth internationally as well as in our core markets will form an elementary part of my strategy,” explains Jürgen Kiesel, and adds: “My more than 20 years of experience within the MedTech industry will help me to achieve these goals. We will continue to expand relationships with our partners and further strengthen our presence in the market to even better meet the different needs of dentists and dental technicians in the future.” In summary, consistent customer orientation through the continuation of innovative product developments and, above all, the internationalization of the business are the most important focal points of the designated new CEO.

Wolfgang Reim remains on the Supervisory Board

Wolfgang Reim, who initially assumed the role of CEO of Amann Girrbach on an interim basis in January 2020, is retiring from the Management Board of the dental technology company. He is moving to the Supervisory Board, where he will continue to support the company with his expertise. Under the management of Wolfgang Reim, Amann Girrbach was able to significantly expand its laboratory business in recent years and, above all, to drive forward its entry into the market with dentists. At the same time, Reim’s consistent focus on a holistic digital workflow enabled him to position Amann Girrbach as a global pioneer in the field of digital dental prosthetics.

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