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Ceramill Matron

Ceramill Matron – Serious Fun

Its extraordinary product features make the Ceramill Matron stronger, faster and smarter – offering maximum ease of use and simply being more fun to work with.


No matter whether you are an expert or a CAD/CAM newcomer: you will benefit from outstanding precision and excellent milling results at high speed across a wide range of materials, particularly in the field of carbide processing. The newly developed, innovative Vmax arm for maximum strength and precision, the retractable Performance Blank Changer, RFID-supported tool and blank management, as well as guided workflows on the 21.5" touch display are just some of the features which make the Ceramill Matron so unique. Integration into the laboratory environment is incredibly easy to implement. The Ceramill Matron is the perfect product for everyone wishing to advance the digitization of their prosthetic workflows and who have the highest demands for quality, cost-effectiveness and enjoy exercising their craftsmanship.

All materials without compromises

The newly developed, innovative Vmax arm ensures maximum power and precision. The unique 45° arrangement of the A/B axes ensures maximum rigidity and highest precision with vibration damping properties in the milling process. The sturdy cast aluminum body, the 6 mm shaft and the high contact surface of the holder support these properties. Due to stable processing with maximum degrees of freedom, this enables virtually unlimited machinability of all common dental materials and indications.

Simply intelligent

The high-resolution display of the Ceramill Matron guides you safely through all workflows. Check cutter wear, prioritize your workflows. Ceramill Matron offers optimum support. The magnetic, RFID-supported 11-tool carrier makes cutter management simplicity in itself - an unlimited number of cutters can be easily introduced via Plug&Play. With intelligent preloading, many materials and indications can be processed without the need for changing, the magnetic mechanism in combination with RFID technology makes changing tools fast and convenient.

High Performance Metal Machine

Metal without compromises

RFID Technology

Faster, more efficient and safer

Intuitive operation

21,5" display for your everyday routines

  • "As a laboratory that has worked extensively with cobalt chrome, we are very impressed by the smoothness of the Ceramill Matron while milling this extremely hard material. This results in long milling cutter service lives and hence a plus in the efficient use of resources."

    Andreas Zeller MDT & Moritz Zeller CDT - Zeller Zahntechnik, Ulm, Germany

Technical Data

Compatible with plastic, metal, ceramics, hybrids and zirconia
Retractable 8-fold blank changer, RFID supported
Industrial zero point clamping system
HD camera for assistance in support cases
Highly stable machine design with Vmax arm
5+3-axis control for controlling the mechanics
21.5" curved touch display with guided workflows
Min. compressor requirement: 50l/min at 6 Bar
Dimensions (DxWxH): 696 x 940 x 850 mm
Weight: 150 kg
Power consumption: 220 W
High-performance power spindle: 80.000 rpm & 1.37 KW power
SnapMag with 11-fold tool management

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In addition to digital support via the Ceramill Helpdesk, we offer you comprehensive on-site technical service, keeping your machines up and running all across the globe.

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