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Zolid Bion

Zolid Bion – Checkmate for compromises

The material behind Zolid Bion is revolutionizing the field of all-ceramic materials made of zirconia. Zolid Bion perfectly combines esthetics and safety – without any compromises.


The continuous color gradient, combined with increased translucency in the incisal area, creates naturalness without having to compromise on safety. Innovative raw materials permit an increase in the required minimum strength according to Class 5 (DIN EN ISO 6872) across the entire blank. This allows total freedom in planning as well as in application and provides the required safety across all approved indications. From minimally invasive veneers to monolithic crowns on front teeth and long-span bridges on implants. There are hardly any limits to the range of applications for Zolid Bion.

STRENGTH Class 5 zirconia, 1,100 MPa average strength, enhances restoration safety.
NATURALNESS Increased translucency at incisal edge for a natural 3D effect.
SPEED 45-minute sintering cycle boosts workflow efficiency.
ASYMMETRY Nature-inspired shade concept for optimal esthetics.

Properties without any compromise for an greater diversity of indications

Owing to the no-compromise combination of natural esthetics, high strength as well as the extensive shade and height portfolio, virtually any restoration can be realized, whether veneer, crown or wide-span Bridge.

More safety on all levels

Zolid Bion convinces with both its inner and outer values. Innovative raw materials ensure outstanding material properties, while innovative production of the blanks at our site in Austria assures even greater production reliability for you. As the first in its class, crowns made of Zolid Bion can be sintered in the Ceramill Therm DRS in just 45 minutes. This allows extremely efficient processing for you, especially with regard to small restorations such as crowns, abutments and three-unit bridges.


Class 5 zirconia, 1.100 MPa


Increased translucency in the area of the incisal edge


Shade concept modeled on nature for highest esthetics

  • "As the newest member of the Zolid family, Zolid Bion allows us to offer an even wider spectrum of esthetic solutions made of zirconia. Zolid Bion is a milestone in esthetics."

    Luís Saraiva, CDT - Clarity Lab, Senhora da Hora, Portugal

  • "For me, Zolid Bion is the new gold standard – sintering in 45 minutes without sacrificing strength and esthetics opens up new possibilities for my laboratory and raises the zirconia workflow to a new level."

    Benjamin Votteler, MDT - Dentaltechnik Votteler, Pfullingen, Germany

  • "The future of zirconia is now! Zolid Bion is a state-of-the-art material which offers esthetics with a 3D effect without sacrificing strength."

    Mauro Cuccagna, MDT - Laboratorio Odontotecnico M. Cuccagna, Viterbo, Italy

  • "I love the versatility of Zolid Bion because of the combination of strength and beauty. You can use this material anywhere in the mouth and have an amazing esthetic outcome with dependable strength."

    Dr. Carolyn Kittell - Smile Essentials, Greenwood Village, CO, USA

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