Zebris For Ceramill - The digital facebow

The digital facebow captures the patient's temporomandibular joint trajectories extremely quickly, easily, and digitally. For customized and precise fits.

SKU 221500


Zebris for Ceramill closes the gap between intraoral scanners and CAD/CAM systems. The lightweight wireless facebow allows the capture and calculation of the patient's axis relations as well as joint compartment in a matter of minutes. The extensive functional diagnostics result in a more precise fit of the restorations, which significantly reduces manual reworking. In other words, the Zebris for Ceramill not only saves you time in creating a comprehensive patient documentation, but also significantly reduces manual reworking of the restorations. An efficient, safe workflow for profitable everyday work.

Complete in digital workflowThe Zebris for Ceramill digital facebow completes the Ceramill digital workflow in conjunction with the Ceramill Map DRS intraoral scanner. Both the Zebris data and the scan data can be easily and quickly integrated into the Ceramill CAD/CAM system on the laboratory side. Of course, it can also be inserted into the analog process chain with the transfer stand.
Time-saving and efficientLean process from patient data acquisition to reduced milling times. Thanks to the automatic data transfer to the Ceramill CAD/CAM system and the resulting direct transfer to the virtual articulator (e.g.: Ceramill Artex CR), Zebris for Ceramill can be ideally integrated into the daily workflow.
Comprehensive documentation at the push of a buttonThanks to fast, digital data acquisition, comprehensive patient documentation and the values for programming the articulator can be provided within a few minutes.
Basis for indication diversityZebris for Ceramill provides the basis for practically every dental indication: single tooth restorations, bridges, implant technique, splint therapy and complete dentures.

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