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Ceramill Software-Upgrade 4.5 available

We are delighted to be able to provide you with the new Ceramill Upgrade 4.5 in October. We will roll out the individual upgrades via the Software Manager.


In view of a new product launch as well as continuous expansion and optimization of the software, we will be providing the new Ceramill Upgrade 4.5 in October.

The following gives a summary of the major innovations in Upgrade 4.5:

  • Model type 3D-Print (NextDent 5100 for Ceramill) changed to 3D-Print (Ceramill integrated)
  • Nextdent Cast “Blue” integrated for NextDent 5100 (new 3D printing material for the pressing and casting technique)
  • Camlog Ti-Forms library
  • Retrusion in the articulator deactivated by default
  • Ceramill DRS generic materials integrated in the database (for Design by Lab workflow)
  • Ceramill Titanium integrated for primary telescopes
  • Titanium alloy deleted from M-Center selection and “Ceramill Titanium” integrated
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