NoFlame Plus - Clean and comfortable modeling

Dispense with the conventional Bunsen burner for wax modeling and benefit from clean heat via induction with the Noflame Plus.

SKU 116250


The Noflame Plus heats the modeling instrument in a coil opening in seconds at minimal power consumption - without any complicated gas installation and flame! This will eliminate soot deposits on your instruments or in the modeling wax in future. When working with Noflame Plus, you can reliably use all your dental metal modeling instruments and simply keep to your usual handling routine.

No gas installation
The Noflame Plus modeling machine is mobile and therefore immediately ready for use wherever you need it. The risk of burns and fire are eliminated.
Clean operation
The modeling machine avoids soot particles on instruments and materials.
Saves energy
Compared to a conventional Bunsen burner, some 75% of the energy costs can be saved. This is not only good for your budget, but also for the environment.