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Ceramill Motion 2

Ceramill Motion 2 – Focused on the essentials

The ideal introduction to CAM-supported fabrication, both dry and wet. Create more value in your laboratory with the Ceramill Motion 2 dental milling machine.


The Ceramill Motion 2 was and still is a trendsetter to this day in the dental industry in terms of its technical features, fabrication diversity and quality. The compact machine offers a powerful variety of materials and indications due to the option of wet and dry processing. Three Ceramill Motion 2 packages keep work in the laboratory at maximum flexibility. High performance DNA milling strategies guarantee perfectly fitting results in all machines when processing CAD/CAM dental materials.

Flexibility in wet and dry processing

With three different packages, the Ceramill Motion 2 dental milling machine offers you a hybrid variety for fast machining processes, maximum quality and an unbeatable ROI in the laboratory.

Future-proof, economical, variable

The DRY package of the Ceramill Motion 2 impresses as a 5-axis milling and grinding unit with fast processing times, high quality and an unbeatable price. This allows zirconia, wax, resins or even composites to be processed at low cost and with the best possible results. As an all-rounder, the HYBRID package combines dry and wet processing within a single system. The full value creation chain during processing remains in the laboratory. For particularly economical processes and an increase in productivity, the CAPACITY package offers two milling units at the same time.

Smart DNA milling strategies

For the ideal processing of a variety of dental materials.


Always up-to-date with the Protection Plan.

Intelligent machine design

Robustness and low vibration for best results.

  • "There is no such kind of a milling machine than a Motion 2! It shows unlimited quality and versatility – the best choice for my dental clinic."

    YoungSae Jung, ZT | Dr. HyunJung Lee - Armtrees Dental Clinic, Seoul, South Korea

  • "It is simply the best piece of equipment we have invested in for our lab."

    Darren Dear, CDT - Artisan Dental Ceramics, Spring Hill, Australia

  • "My Ceramill Motion 2 5X DNA works just like me: precise, fast, esthetic, versatile."

    Benjamin Votteler, MDT - Dentaltechnik Votteler, Pfullingen, Germany

  • "If one starts with model management and wishes to obtain the right interface to the digital workflow, then the Ceramill system is the logical choice for me."

    Julien Krämer, MDT - Krämer Dental, Lampertheim, Germany

  • "What makes the Ceramill Motion 2 so special, is its great reliability and it is constant and fast in producing results of the highest level!"

    Vladimiro Obinu, MDT - Laboratorio Obinu Vladimiro Zirconia Tecnnology, Genua, Italy

  • "The Ceramill CAD/CAM system not only provides the standard market solution, it even marks the future of dentistry and where my lab should evolve. As a plus, a Ceramill always comes with an excellent customer service."

    Lee DoChan, CDT - One Dental Lab, Harrisonburg, VA, USA

  • "I got a Motion 2, which can fabricate high quality and many different types of prosthetic appliances. So I gained the ‘Force’ to manipulate any prosthetic appliances. May the ‘Ceramill’ be with you!"

    Atsushi Hasegawa, CDT - Organ Dental Lab, Chigasaki, Japan

  • "With the Ceramill CAD/CAM equipment I am able to process a large amount of different materials, fast and with esthetically outstanding quality."

    Perry Carroll, CDT - Perry’s Dental Lab, Fitzgerald, GA, USA

  • "The Ceramill CAD/CAM Equipment is more than just the basis to complete my every day work, it’s an inspiration for my art and passion."

    Dr. Vincenzo Musella - Vincenzo Musella, Montale, Italy

Technical Data

Compatible with Polymers, Metals, Ceramics, Hybrids and Zirconia
5-axis control
Compressed air: 50l/min at 6 bar
Dimensions (DxWxH): 595 x 530 x 780 mm
Dry and wet processing modes
Power consumption: 250W
High-performance super high frequency spindle (100,000 rpm)
6-fold tool changer incl. management of replacement tools
Weight: 78 kg

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