Ceramill Map FX

Ceramill Map FX - Easily all you need

The future of dental scanning technology. Takes your digital workflows to a new level of precision, speed, and versatility.

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Ceramill Map FX is the ideal entry-level and expansion scanner for practice laboratories and dental laboratories which value efficiency and future-proofing, as the product's range of functions can be expanded as needed at any time. The handy 3D desktop scanner combines the accustomed highest precision with fast scanning times and adapts to your individual needs due to its modular concept. Available in three variants, the CAD/CAM scanner offers the option of using comprehensive prosthetic and orthodontic indications as well as other advanced scanning options such as impression scanning or "MultiDie". MultiDie facilitates clipping, as all free-standing stumps can be captured in a single scan.

This CAD/CAM scanner impresses with its adaptability. Ranging from an economical entry level to a comprehensive pro system, it will accommodate your individual needs. With its modular design, the system is future-proof and its scope can be upgraded at any time.
The advanced scanning optics enable scans with the highest local and global precision and repeatability, all at absolutely short scanning times. The optional HD scan offers an accuracy of up to 4 μm and thus also enables large-span work for a perfect fit.
The convenient OneShot Scan can be ideally implemented in combination with the popular ARTEX articulator from Amann Girrbach to ensure maximum functional reliability. Removing the rotation axis enables vestibular scanning of the articulator with subsequent automatic assignment of the corresponding individual jaw scans.
The scanner is continuously and automatically upgraded with software updates and new features. This expands the scanner's range of functions and keeps you up-to-date with the latest technology. This not only continuously optimizes performance, but also ensures the highest possible process safety.

Maximum flexibility

The modular and flexible technical design of the Ceramill Map FX is equally matched by its connectivity options. You can use it efficiently and seamlessly in the proven Amann Girrbach workflow or you can use the open interface and the output data formats (.STL, .PLY) with another CAD/CAM system.

Open. Digital. Fully integrated.

We are convinced that the basis for successful processes in the dental practice and laboratory not only depends on the performance of the individual products used, but that their linking via digital workflows is decisive for a smooth, successful result. The digital workflow always begins with the scan. Desktop scanners such as the Ceramill Map FX are therefore of particular importance, as they form the basis for precise, high-quality restorations. Seamless integration into the proven Amann Girrbach workflow is therefore an elementary component of the performance spectrum, and in addition the Ceramill Map FX also adapts conveniently to the individual conditions in the laboratory due to its open interfaces and the optional STL output.

Removable rotary swivel unitFor easy handling of the model and operating comfort.
OneShot articulator scanIdeal for convenient scanning in combination with the ARTEX.
Space-saving designCompact and suitable for confined spatial conditions.

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