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Ceramill DRS High-Speed Zirconia Kit

Ceramill DRS High-Speed Zirconia Kit – Fast and safe sintering

Mit dem High-Speed Sinterofen Ceramill Therm DRS lassen sich Einzelzahn-Restaurationen aus Zolid DRS in nur 20 Minuten sintern.


The Ceramill Therm DRS sintering furnace is part of the High-Speed Zirconia Kit and stands for uncomplicated and, above all, fast sintering of zirconia restorations. Small patient restorations can be sintered in the laboratory and in the dental practice within an extremely short time. In contrast to conventional sintering furnaces, the Ceramill Therm DRS employs a high-performance heating element, which makes work significantly faster, more flexible and more effective. The compact construction and slim design are convincing and are the ideal addition to all workflows.

Materials suitable for Sintering Zolid DRS, Zolid Bion, Zolid FX Multilayer, Zolid Gen-X
Capacity of sintering compartment Up to 4 single crowns or 2 to 3-unit bridges
Indications Single crowns and max. 3-unit bridges
Fastest sintering time 20 minutes for single crowns and 30 minutes for bridges made of Zolid DRS
Function Pre-drying, sintering, glazing

Fast results with the rapid sintering system

The high-speed sintering furnace offers you an efficient and profitable extension of your processes for the fabrication with zirconia in the laboratory as well as in the dental practice.

Fast, safe, compact

Small units can be sintered particularly quickly with the Ceramill Therm DRS, enabling same day treatment of patients. The most important process steps, namely pre-drying, sintering, and glazing, are realized in a single machine. An innovative operating concept with individual sintering programs provides you with safe workflows and a high level of convenience in your everyday work routine. This ideal workflow integration guarantees the fast provision of single tooth restorations up to 3-unit bridges.


For “same day” zirconia restorations.

Multifunctional processing option

For glazing, pre-drying, cooling, sintering.

Innovative operating concept

For safe work processes and high comfort.

Technical Data

USB – interface for program updates
Indications: single crowns and max. 3-unit bridges
Function: pre-drying, sintering and glazing
Dimensions: 390 x 300 x 484 mm
Maximum output 3.5 kW
Super-Speed technology (Zolid DRS crown in 20 min)
Touchscreen – technology
Freely programmable (within the technical limits)

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