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Extended performance range with 6 mm collet including range of milling cutters

With the Ceramill Matron, we have been providing a new milling machine since January 2024 that sets new standards in the processing of titanium and CoCr thanks to its special architecture. In addition to the tried-and-tested 3 mm shank option, we now also offer a 6 mm collet chuck for the Ceramill Matron, including matching milling cutters with a high-quality high-performance coating tailored to the respective materials.


Laboratories and practices benefit from significantly faster milling times, tool wear minimized by 50 % and greater cutter stability, particularly when processing carbide. This makes the Ceramill Matron a high-performance solution for even the most demanding tasks in dental production.

For maximum flexibility, the Ceramill Matron can be converted to a 3 mm or 6 mm collet at any time and without changing the spindle. Using and changing the collet is simple and low-risk, as the machine guides you step-by-step through the entire process via its generous touch display.

As usual, the new milling cutters with a 6 mm shank have also been color-coded according to their intended use and contain integrated RFID transponders for clear identification and automatic transmission of tool data to the machine control system. In addition to querying the tool inventory, the remaining tool life of each tool can be determined by direct assignment and thus used in the best possible way. RFID-based tool management thus makes a significant contribution to reducing production costs due to unused remaining tool life. According to the “plug & play” principle, the tools are automatically recognized and recorded by the machine from the first use: unpack, insert, mill.

Further information on the Ceramill Matron can be found here.

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