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Major upgrade with a huge impact – the new Ceramill DRS Upgrade 1.5

The Ceramill DRS Software Upgrade 1.5 brings improvements to numerous areas of the dental workflow.


For the first time, the new Ceramill Software Manager is used to install this upgrade on customer notebooks. This makes the installation of software packages easier, more transparent and clearer than before. The Software Manager automatically notifies you when the upgrade is available and provides a complete overview of all new features.

New: Improved scanning software for Ceramill Map DRS

Among the most important upgrade components is the new version of the scanning software for Ceramill Map DRS: it improves the performance and speed of the intraoral scanner. Optimized algorithms enable smarter and faster scanning, resulting in a smooth scanning process without waiting periods. This enables even less experienced users to achieve precise results. An optimized user interface, new features, user-friendly icons as well as an improved color-realistic 3D display of the scans round off the enhancements. Scanning planes can now be easily duplicated, switched, erased, or specific areas can be locked.

New: Extended range of materials for Ceramill Motion DRS

With the latest software, new strategies are also available for users of the stand-alone, high-precision Ceramill Motion DRS chairside milling machine, as well as a wider range of materials and the ability to process all block materials with universal mandrels. A distinction is made here between validated and generic strategies. This offers maximum flexibility for you as a user. Validated strategies are possible for selected manufacturers and materials, and generic strategies are thus possible for all others.

New: the Ceramill DRS abutment workflow – economical and precise

For example, with the new Ceramill Mind DRS M-Plant upgrade module, a screw-retained crown can be designed and milled in only three steps. As can two-piece individual abutments with a crown and small abutment bridges. This works for a wide range of implant systems: there are validated libraries for this, such as the Medentika and Tri-Implant Matrix libraries which are included in the software package, and all Exocad-signed libraries can also be used. This creates flexible and exciting opportunities for same-day zirconia implant restorations. Using the high-speed Zolid DRS sintering material, a screw-retained molar crown is produced within approx. 25 minutes and sintered in 30 minutes. In-house production not only increases speed, but also results in enormous cost savings – while at the same time ensuring maximum precision and quality.

New: Free features such as the fully equipped Artex CR virtual articulator and partial crown indication

The Artex CR articulator is now also available for the Ceramill Mind DRS software. All values that are recorded with a digital facebow, such as the Zebris for Ceramill, can currently still be transferred manually. The patient-specific values are taken into account when performing dynamic jaw movements. This results in both fewer interfering contacts in the restoration as well as less reworking in the patient’s mouth. An automated interface is planned for the future, which will automatically transfer data to the virtual articulator. Other free features complete the upgrade of the Ceramill Mind DRS software – such as the adjustment of abrasion facets for a more natural design of the restoration. A color visualization of free-form areas provides for a simplified design process. Another new feature is that the Ceramill DRS workflow now also includes the partial crown indication. All these innovations contribute to making the software easier to use and thus more user-friendly. As a consequence, less reworking of the restoration in the patient’s mouth is required.

New: Intraoral scan viewer in AG.Live

With the new intraoral scan viewer in AG.Live, intraoral scans (.stl or ply files) can now be previewed quickly and easily per mouse click. As a result, the patient scan can be viewed quickly and easily without having to open it via the scan or CAD software. Hence, the preview feature already allows the laboratory to view the scan data when the order is received in AG.Live and to provide feedback if necessary.

Detailed information on all innovations can be found here.

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