Zolid Bion - Checkmate for compromises

Zolid Bion perfectly combines esthetics and safety - without any compromises. The material behind Zolid Bion is revolutionizing the field of all-ceramic materials made of zirconia.

98 mm


Zolid Bion convinces with both its inner and outer values. Innovative raw materials ensure outstanding material properties, while innovative production of the blanks at Amann Girrbach's site in Austria assures even greater production reliability for the user.

StrengthClass 5 zirconia, 1,100 MPa average strength, enhances restoration safety.
NaturalnessIncreased translucency at incisal edge for a natural 3D effect.
Speed45-minute sintering cycle boosts workflow efficiency.
AsymmetryNature-inspired shade concept for optimal esthetics.