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Zolid Bion – Software update of the sintering programs

As part of the introduction of Zolid Bion, the new software updates for the Ceramill Therm DRS and Ceramill Therm 3 sintering furnaces are now available.


Perfectly matched for optimal results. With the new updates, the program structure of the sintering furnaces has been supplemented to include the new programs for sintering Zolid Bion.

You can download the updates as usual from AG.Live and then install them on the respective sintering furnaces. This saves you manual programming of the furnace in question.

Click here for the updates:

The updates have the following designations:

  • Ceramill Therm DRS (
  • Ceramill Therm 3 (1.6.9. Update)

Should you not be in possession of one of the above-mentioned sintering furnaces, the respective sintering program for Zolid Bion, as well as for the other Zolid zirconias, can be programmed manually on the basis of the sintering parameters of the relevant programs.

For this purpose, the new Zolid Processing Technology brochure is available, in which the sintering programs are illustrated in detail:

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