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10th Anniversary of Ceramill Sintron

Revolutionary processing of CoCr – milling metal as simple as wax. In 2013, we launched the CoCr sintering metal Ceramill Sintron, which has since enjoyed great popularity worldwide.


The Ceramill Sintron CoCr sintering metal is distinguished by innovative supremacy. The non-precious metal revolutionizes the manufacturing process, as Ceramill Sintron blanks can be dry milled effortlessly on in-house desktop machines such as the Ceramill Motion 3 due to their wax-like nature. During the subsequent sintering process under inert gas flooding, the frames achieve their final state – a non-precious metal unit with a very homogeneous material structure, precise, without cavities and machinable with any common metal veneer ceramic within the CTE range. A revolution in the fabrication of CoCr restorations, with a manufacturing process that involves only few steps.

According to the data available from now ten years of market surveillance, Ceramill Sintron has proven itself to be an established and clinically proven material. Developed together with the Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden and validated by independent universities and accredited test laboratories, the material and the matched workflow assure maximum safety for the user and the patient.

Learn more about Ceramill Sintron at here

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