Ceramill DRS Production Kit - Smart restoration in the dental practice

The 4-axis Motion DRS milling machine offers users maximum treatment versatility in the dental practice and enables high-quality single-tooth restorations even within a single session.

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In combination with the Ceramill Mind DRS design software, the Ceramill Motion DRS 4-axis CNC machine can fabricate dental restorations within a single patient session. Owing to the fast-processing strategies, your patients can already leave the dental practice after treatment with a definitive dental prostheses and this with a convincing fit and occlusion. If you wish to take more time for fabrication, it is also possible to postpone starting the work until the evening or the next day. You can have complex work fabricated in your partner laboratory as usual, or have your laboratory assist you with regard to design.

Grinding strategies – Made by Amann Girrbach
As with all milling machines, the processing strategies available in the Ceramill Motion DRS are developed in-house. This means that the strategies and the corresponding cutters and grinders are specifically developed, validated and tested for each validated material. This not only guarantees high quality results, but also performance and indication extensions after purchase **applies with valid Protection Plan
Material handling – intelligent and digitized
Tool holders and tools are equipped with an RFID chip. Automatic recognition of the tool position. Documentation of the duration of tool use.

High process safety for a perfect fit

Ceramill DRS offers high process reliability and clinical evidence with its Ceramill Motion DRS milling/grinding machine. This ranges from the case creation to the fabrication of the final restoration.
Motion DRS

Stand-alone, flexible, safe

The Ceramill Motion DRS stand-alone milling machine is convenient and efficient at the same time. Owing to the integrated control unit, the machine works independently of the design and scanning process. This means that the next patient can already be treated while the machine is working. The water tank and compressor are integrated into the machine, so that all that is needed is a power connection. The intuitive touch screen allows for easy machine control and maintenance. Illustrated work steps guarantee a high level of work safety for you as the user. Smart fitting with an RFID chip allows the 4-axis CNC machine to automatically detect which tool has been inserted and at which position. To avoid mixing up blanks, each blank is scanned and checked for its correctness.

These and more materials can be processed by the unit.

Technical data

Compatible with Polymers, Ceramics and Zirconia blocs
4-axis control for activating the mechanics
Processing mode: wet
Tool management: 5-fold RFID tool changer
Dimensions: 490 x 580 x 580 mm
Weight: 66 kg
Accuracy: ≤ 5 μm
Spindle speed: 100,000 min-1
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