Zolid DRS - Sintering restorations at lightning speed

Ideal for same-day-dentistry: sintering highly esthetic restorations in the high-speed sintering furnace in just 20 minutes - all this with the highly translucent Zolid DRS zirconia.

Block B40
Block C20
Mandrel AG short
DR Mandrel
Mandrel UN


Zolid DRS is the perfect zirconia for single-visit dentistry: it enables crowns and short-span bridges to be fabricated in high quality and with maximum safety in just one session - the restorations are sintered at lightning speed in just 20 minutes and are highly esthetic. The 16 VITA shades with integrated color gradient ensure a natural appearance. As a High-Speed Zirconia Kit, Zolid DRS together with the Ceramill Therm DRS high-speed sintering furnace provides the ideal basis for efficient, high-quality work in the dental practice or laboratory.

TranslucencyHighly translucent
3-point flexural strength1100 +/- 150 MPa